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Want 20/20 vision for your farm?

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better farming.

Integrated information,

Your hardware, your data, your people.

“One farm management system.”

Robert Smith - West Hills Farms
“Before we got OnFarm, I used to look at three different areas to get the information I needed. It is saving me time and making our operation more efficient.”
Robert Smith - West Hills FarmsNatures Joy Pistachios
Jason Hall - The Hall Company
“OnFarm is a must have tool.  Having one system allows us to use information quickly, facilitating decision making at the field level and saving us money.”
Jason Hall - The Hall Company

The OnFarm Ready™ partner network enables customers to select best-of-breed solutions while taking the pain and guesswork out of using the information. OnFarm provides a comprehensive agriculture decision solution through our industry leading integration engine that builds and maintains persistent data integrations with industry leading technology. OnFarm Ready™ partners are companies that provide hardware, software, or a service that are key components in agriculture decision making. OnFarm builds and then automatically manages these integrations so you can select the solutions that work best for you without the technical gymnastics.

Insight, not just “information”

Overloaded with information? Keep an eye on important data without being overwhelmed by it. OnFarm enables any sensor or reading to be a simple widget on your dashboard. Need to see the details behind the number? Drill down on any widget to get more details or manage that operation.

Take it anywhere

OnFarm was built to go with you. Use it in the office for planning and then pull up key data on your PC, Mac, laptop, or tablet, on your Internet connected browser. OnFarm enables you to make changes or check operations, anywhere.